Our Story :

Our passion for design and interiors are closely mixed; Bureau 888
was established by a group of creative minds in 2013 in Beirut, Lebanon, with projects executed in different parts in the Gulf region, UAE, Kuwait, and Iraq, with a new base in Doha, Qatar.

From the start, we raised the bar for high standards in designs, fit-out & renovation. We aim to make a living of our clients, whether residential or commercial, making it a memorable experience.


Bureau 888 design core relies on the philosophy of comfort living, success, happiness, and harmony. We provide unique and specialized services for -/residential and -/commercial projects, -/hospitality,-/Healthcare, -/education, -/intelligent space planning, -/landscape projects & -/project management.

Our comprehensive range of services helps us provide complete turnkey solutions from design, fit-out, renovation, and modernizing old, damaged, or defective buildings. At Bureau 888, we master the skill of detailing the condition of damaged buildings. This helps identify the type of construction used throughout the structure, providing a steer-appropriate redesign and construction techniques.


If you are on a pursuit to design a new project or renovate an old-fashioned one, we deliver a service that meets the client’s needs, dreams, and more to build A Way Of Life. We use design to enhance people’s lives.

Lasting designs and delivery are not simply the creative expression of our designers. It is an outcome of a long and carefully curated process that acquires the multi-faceted needs of our clients, combining that with our understanding of human behaviors and infusing our touches of creativity and flair. The result? Designs that perfectly balance purpose and form.

Value :

We recognize and manage risk throughout the project life cycle. Our attention to detail and fast response to risk variables ensures that issues are contained and managed swiftly and decisively.

Bureau 888 designs and the team behind it are genuine, dependable, and competent. We play the role of a trustworthy partner from the start till the finish of your project because quality relationships are our leading business goal. Bureau 888 delivers excellence in all that it does without compromising quality, attention to detail, or service.


Quality work is the basis for any design and build-up and should always go hand in hand as we are building your dream project. We begin by determining the needs and utilizing the spaces wisely; we design and build a high-end facility that matches your desires and viable requirements.


Having a modern luxurious design and fitting it out doesn’t have to be costly. Our designers are qualified to work within your allotted budget while maintaining high quality and deliverables.


A commonly asked question when considering design, fit-out, or revamp is: “How long is it going to take.” At Bureau 888, transparency is essential; we work reasonably and comprehensively to allocate sufficient time and resources.

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